Do I Need a Sponsor in AA?

Whether or not you should have a sponsor in AA all depends on your particular situation and your needs for recovery. Call 800-839-1686Who Answers? now to find rehab centers where you can begin to heal and receive professional treatment for your substance use disorder.

The Benefits of Having a Sponsor

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “Most drug addiction treatment programs encourage patients to participate in group therapy during and after formal treatment,” largely because these groups offer individuals “an added layer of community-level social support” that promotes abstinence as well as other healthy goals.

Sponsor in AA

Your sponsor will help you navigate the 12 steps.

Having a sponsor in AA gives a person all of these advantages and does so on a very personal, individualized level. This is one of the greatest benefits of finding a sponsor in your AA group.

  • Having a sponsor can also ensure you always have someone to talk to about your problems and your recovery and that this person will not judge you, as they have been through the same thing themselves.
  • You will also have the reminder every time you talk to your sponsor that this individual was able to recover from their substance abuse, which will help you be more optimistic about your own future.
  • Your sponsor can help give you tips on how to navigate the 12 steps in a way that works for you.
  • Your sponsor is bound by the anonymity of AA in the same way they would be during meetings. Therefore, everything you tell them should be kept confidential, and it can sometimes be easier to tell one person something than to tell it to an entire group.

Do I Need a Sponsor?

Not everyone feels that having a sponsor is wholly necessary to their recovery. Some people are able to do very well in the program by just attending meetings and getting to know other members without the intimacy of sponsorship.

In addition, if you are considering going to a rehab center that provides professional care along with AA meetings, talking to a counselor and allowing them to guide you through the program may be enough at this point.

The NIDA states that many rehab programs utilize 12-step facilitation therapy, which can be especially beneficial early on in one’s recovery.

However, you may decide later on in your treatment that having a sponsor could be good for you. It can help immensely to know there is a person whom you can always trust to be there for you, who isn’t a family member or a friend but someone who truly understands what it is like to struggle with addiction.

Having a sponsor may not be necessary to everyone who becomes a member of AA, but it can be very helpful in the long run to a full and well-rounded recovery.

Do You Need Rehab for Substance Abuse?

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The Role of 12 Step Support Groups within the Drug Treatment Process

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