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Can I Share with My Loved Ones What Goes on in AA?

While you may be tempted to talk to your loved ones about what happens in AA, it is important to be careful not to share anyone else’s private information. If you are struggling with substance abuse, call now to find safe, reliable rehab care that utilizes the 12-step method as part of treatment. AA and …

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Can My Friends and Family Come With Me to AA Meetings?

AA meetings are usually open to those who would like to attend, but for the most part, it is best to attend them if you specifically need help for alcoholism or alcohol abuse. There are other options, though, for your friends and family members as well as some meetings where additional attendees are welcome. Call …

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4 Reasons You Cannot Shame a Loved One into Recovery

Most people know that when a loved one becomes addicted, the best way to overcome an addiction is to go to recovery. Still, many do not know how to react when they discover the addiction and can try all types of tactics to get him or her into recovery that can do more harm than …

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What If My Family Doesn’t Want Me to Join AA?

Addiction can be immensely difficult on families, and deciding on a treatment option that pleases everyone can also be problematic. The important thing to remember when searching for a recovery program is to find one that works for you. But there are ways to help your family members understand AA if they are skeptical about …

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Helping Your Family and Friends Understand AA

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, programs like AA “can be particularly helpful during recovery, offering an added layer of community-level social support to help people achieve and maintain abstinence and other healthy lifestyle behaviors over the course of a lifetime.” However, it can be hard to attend the program if your family …

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Consequences of Teen Drinking and How to Prevent Them

The use of alcohol by teens is nothing new. It has been something that has become such an ingrained part of our culture as to become nearly invisible. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism states that more adolescents use alcohol than either tobacco or marijuana, and more than 8 million kids admit to …

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How Our Helpline Works

If you're seeking addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one, the helpline offers a convenient and private solution to assist you. Our caring treatment advisors are ready to take your call anytime, day or night. Calls are answered 24/7 to discuss treatment and recovery options.

Your call is routed to a general helpline call center where caring admissions coordinators can help you decide what treatment option is right for yourself or for your loved one. Our helpline is NOT affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous/AA nor does AA sponsor the treatment options that are recommended when you call.