Anxiety: Before, During, and After Alcohol Use

Anxiety is a crippling feeling for many people. Unfortunately, anxiety has an uncomfortable association with alcoholism and alcohol abuse. Many people experience anxiety before, during, and after alcohol use as part of the addiction. It is important to understand that alcoholism is a disease as is anxiety. These two diseases walk hand in hand in most people.

Anxiety Before you use Alcohol

There are a few types of anxiety that an alcoholic experiences before they even use alcohol. They are:

  • Drinking due to anxiety or drinking to stop anxiety – anxiety is often the reason a person starts drinking in the first place. Many people who suffer from anxiety, particularly social anxiety drink because they think it will make them less anxious.
  • Anxiety before drinking because you know it will lead to horrible places – most people who know they have a drinking problem already know that they will black out, do something they will regret, or they will go on a binge. These thoughts are known to cause anxiety.
  • Anxiety because they need to acquire alcohol – some people experience extreme anxiety when they need to acquire alcohol. This combined with the anxiety of knowing that you need to drink can be very severe.
After Alcohol Use

Some people drink in an attempt to ease their anxiety.

Before drink anxiety is very difficult to overcome because it is both a cause and effect of your drinking. Fortunately, this is something that treatment for alcoholism will help you overcome.

Anxiety while you are using Alcohol

Some people become anxious while they are consuming alcohol. This type of paranoia is often seen in those who are heavy drinkers. They become delusional and afraid that someone is out to get them or if they are drinking in secret, they feel that they are about to be discovered. This type of anxiety if often covered by anger or resentment.

They also feel anxious when they are questioned about their drinking. They are automatically defensive and try to deflect the details of their drinking.

Anxiety after you use Alcohol

After you use alcohol, you can also experience anxiety. If you have an anxiety disorder, you will experience anxiety after you come down off alcohol. Most people, who drink because they are anxious, wind up with post alcohol anxiety.  It can be:

  • Anxiety over what you did when you were blacked out
  • Anxiety over who you were with
  • Anxiety over who saw you drinking
  • Anxiety over who you might have called while intoxicated

Alcohol withdrawal produces anxiety. It produces such an extreme anxiety that it causes panic attacks and dangerously rapid heart rates. Most people who experience this are in dire need of treatment. They most likely suffer from alcohol withdrawal syndrome and will need a medical facility to overcome their alcoholism without risking their health. If you are in need of this treatment we can help. You can call us at 800-839-1686. We can help you find the treatment you need for both the anxiety and the alcoholism.

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