5 Reasons to Call an AA 24-Hour Hotline

If you’re struggling with an addiction to alcohol, help may be just a phone call away, thanks to the 24 –Hour Hotlines run by Alcoholics Anonymous.  Independently run by AA groups in cities throughout the world, these hotlines provide information and refer callers to volunteers who are ready round the clock to answer questions and offer help.  Why should you call a 24-Hour AA Hotline? Here are five good reasons.

1. You’re drinking and you want help to stop

The AA hotline is available for anyone who needs help with drinking.  In cities around the world, AA members volunteer for hotline service.  When someone calls the hotline, an operator takes the call and finds out what kind of help the caller is looking for.

If the caller is in crisis because of drinking, or has simply decided that it’s time to stop, the operator then passes the call to someone on the list of AA members who are on the schedule to take calls at that time.  AA matches women callers with women volunteers, and men with men.

The AA member you speak with will have been sober for at least a year and working AA’s Twelve Step program. The AA member can offer reassurance and practical suggestions, and even take you to an AA meeting.

24-Hour Hotline

An AA hotline can direct you to local meetings.

This kind of hotline help – responding to someone who is drinking and wants to stop – is often called a “Twelfth Step call,” when an experienced AA member who has at least a year of sobriety and experience working the twelve steps fulfills the mandate of that last, twelfth step – to keep practicing the steps and use them to help other people recover their sobriety too.

2. You want information on meetings and AA services

If you’re looking for an AA meeting in the area, or wondering what services AA can provide to help alcoholics stop drinking, the hotline can provide the times and locations of meetings near you and explain more about AA and the Twelve Step program.

3.  You’re looking for information on treatment programs for alcohol abuse

The Twelve Traditions of AA make it clear that AA doesn’t affiliate with, or endorse, any treatment programs, hospitals, or other institutions that provide services and support to people who want to stop drinking and recover from alcohol addiction.

But AA works in cooperation with those kinds of facilities by providing AA support and meetings for people in inpatient and outpatient rehab programs. Although AA itself doesn’t provide treatment services, and has no vested interest in institutions that do, your AA hotline can provide the names and numbers of rehabs and detox programs in the area.

4. You have a family member or friend who’s drinking and you want to help them

The AA Hotline exists to help anyone who is suffering from the effects of drinking, and that includes family members and friends of someone who is abusing alcohol. You might call the hotline because you’re looking for ways to help that person stop drinking, or to help yourself deal with the damage that drinking is causing to your relationship with them.  The hotline can offer information on resources for family members of alcohol abusers, and talk with you about ways to cope when someone close to you is drinking.

What To Do When Relapse Becomes Reality

5. You’re an AA member who’s relapsed

If you’ve been attending AA meetings and working on sobriety, it can be hard to admit you’ve relapsed and are drinking again. But the hotline can connect you with an experienced member who can help at any time, day or night.  The member can take you to a meeting, or just talk without judgment and help you find the way back to sobriety.

The 24-Hour Hotlines maintained by Alcoholics Anonymous are available in many communities around the world.  In areas not served by a local AA group, AA’s toll free numbers can put anyone who’s concerned about drinking in touch with people who can help.

Are you concerned about your drinking – and want to stop?  We have the answers you need right now.  Call us at 800-839-1686 for the solutions you’re looking for today.

How Our Helpline Works

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